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Strawberry Alarm Clock had a #1 hit for one week in 1967 with "Incense And Peppermints", and that song is how most people remember the band today. Which is a shame; it's a good song but the band was more than one fluke hit. Strawberry Alarm Clock released four albums and several singles, including a bunch of sides as Thee Sixpence before changing their name to SAC. On all these records, lost classics abound.

The band's first album, Incense And Peppermints, is awash in the floating mid-1967 California feeling that permeates the best music of the era. Flutes and harpsichords enhance an often dark and unsettlingly surreal world. The next album was Wake Up... It's Tomorrow, where SAC increased the gentle wistfulness on some tracks and plumbed further depths of darkness and weirdness on others. The World In A Sea Shell (1968) followed, adding dense orchestration to a grab bag of hammy Tin Pan Alley schmaltz and inspired band originals. Good Morning Starshine was full of stripped-down blues boogie alongside some classic SAC ethereality.

Strawberry Alarm Clock released their first new music in 2012, the album Wake Up Where You Are. So now is a great time to take a closer look at the band on

"Strawberry Alarm Clock": Nouns? Yes. Meaningless? Never!

Strawberry Alarm Clock albums

Strawberry Alarm Clock released four studio albums between 1967 and 1969 — Incense And Peppermints, Wake Up... It's Tomorrow, The World In A Sea Shell, and finally Good Morning Starshine. Also during this original period, SAC contributed some songs to the 1968 soundtrack album for the movie Psych-Out (albeit with no non-album songs) and two new songs to the 1970 cult classic movie Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls. Since [...]

Psych-Out (soundtrack album)

The soundtrack LP of the 1968 movie Psych-Out features Strawberry Alarm Clock, the Seeds, Boenzee Cryque, and the Storybook performing a nice selection of psychedelic pop songs. Strawberry Alarm Clock has no otherwise unavailable songs here, except for a shorter edit of "The World's On Fire". The album is a [...]

Double Star Series Featuring The Who & The Strawberry Alarm Clock

Double Star Series Featuring The Who & The Strawberry Alarm Clock is the name of a limited edition promotional album pressed around 1969 by MCA for Philco. One side of the album features songs by the Who, while side 2 has songs by Strawberry Alarm Clock. The catalog number is [...]

Incense And Peppermints (1967 album)

Incense And Peppermints is Strawberry Alarm Clock's first album, named after the song that had already become a hit and released in 1967. When the band was still called Thee Sixpence they recorded and released the song "Incense And Peppermints"; shortly afterwards a bigger record label (Uni) signed the band [...]

Strawberry Alarm Clock songs

Strawberry Alarm Clock's oldest song could be considered to be "Long Days Flight", which was the a-side of the first single released by the band's original carnation, Thee Sixpence. That band released a half-dozen songs, and the lineup was virtually the same as SAC. The first Strawberry Alarm Clock songs proper were the two from the single "Incense And Peppermints" b/w "The Birdman Of Alkatrash"; the band's first album Incense [...]

"Blues For A Young Girl Gone"

The second track on Strawberry Alarm Clock's third album, The World In A Sea Shell (1968), "Blues For A Young Girl Gone" is a rather lush pop song in keeping with the less-psychedelic feel of the album, as compared with the band's previous albums. It is actually one of the [...]

"Hummin' Happy"

"Hummin' Happy" is the seventh track (third track of Side 2 on the vinyl issue) of Strawberry Alarm Clock's 1967 LP Incense And Peppermints. A fast rock song with strikingly cynical lyrics, "Hummin' Happy" is notable as perhaps the most negative of the band's little-acknowledged dark side (seen also on [...]

"The World's On Fire"

"The World's On Fire" is the first track on Strawberry Alarm Clock's 1967 LP Incense And Peppermints. At over eight minutes, it is the band's longest-ever track and is one of the better "long" psychedelic grooves of the era. It was presumably conceived in the spirit of other mid- and [...]

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