Double Star Series Featuring The Who & The Strawberry Alarm Clock

Double Star Series Featuring The Who & The Strawberry Alarm Clock is the name of a limited edition promotional album pressed around 1969 by MCA for Philco. One side of the album features songs by the Who, while side 2 has songs by Strawberry Alarm Clock. The catalog number is MCA Special Products 734586.

The Who songs on Double Star Series span the band’s first three albums 1965-1967: “Happy Jack”, “Bucket T”, “So Sad About Us”, “I Can See For Miles”, and “Out In The Street”. All of the Strawberry Alarm Clock songs, for some reason, come from the band’s second album Wake Up… It’s Tomorrow (1968). Oddly, the hit song “Tomorrow” — that LP’s most obvious choice for a record company in an anthologizing mood — is not included; the song selection on Double Star Series is eccentric at best, and, from a Strawberry Alarm Clock fan’s point of view, pretty awesome.

The front cover art is a painted collage of band shots; the SAC painting (the half of it visible) is the same one from the 1971 compilation Changes, seen on that album in its fuller form.


The Double Star Series Who/SAC album is rather hard to find these days; if looking, remember that it is often classified under The Who, a band with an undeniably larger stature. There were several other editions of the Series, pairing performers such as Roger Williams/Carmen Cavallaro, Freddy Martin/Sammy Kaye, and Liberace/The Ray Charles Singers.

Track listing

Side 1
Songs by the Who. See above.

Side 2
“Sit With The Guru” – 2:59
“Nightmare Of Percussion” – 2:57
“Soft Skies, No Lies” – 3:07
“Curse Of The Witches” – 6:46
“They Saw The Fat One Coming” – 3:25