The Best Of Strawberry Alarm Clock compilation album

The Best Of Strawberry Alarm Clock is the name of a 1970 compilation album from Strawberry Alarm Clock, the band’s first such album and the only one released while the group was still functioning (if in a fragmented state, after a series of member changes, defections and returns).

The compilation is not bad, offering a pretty representative collection of Strawberry Alarm Clock’s poppier side, although it bypasses the weirder side of the band. Songs from all four of the band’s studio albums are included. This album also has the best cover of all the SAC compilations, for what it’s worth.

The Best Of Strawberry Alarm Clock was re-released in 2013 on a 180-gram vinyl LP by Sundazed, offering fans a great chance to get this compilation on high-quality vinyl. Collectors or others so inclined can also hunt for original copies from 1970.

Note that there is also a compilation called The Best Of Strawberry Alarm Clock Vol. 1, a cheap-ish looking 1980s album that has a different cover and song list.

Track list

Side 1
“Incense And Peppermints” – 2:49 (from Incense And Peppermints)
“Tomorrow” – 2:14 (from Wake Up… It’s Tomorrow)
“Sit With The Guru” – 2:59 (from Wake Up… It’s Tomorrow)
“An Angry Young Man” – 2:30 (from The World In A Sea Shell)
“Barefoot In Baltimore” – 2:23 (from The World In A Sea Shell)
“Pretty Song From Psych-Out” – 3:15 (from Wake Up… It’s Tomorrow)

Side 2
“Birds In My Tree” – 1:55 (from Incense And Peppermints)
“Sea Shell” – 3:16 (from The World In A Sea Shell)
“Miss Attraction” – 2:44 (from Good Morning Starshine)
“Good Morning Starshine” – 2:24 (from Good Morning Starshine)
“Desireé” – 3:03 (from a 1969 single)
“Starting Out The Day” – 2:40 (from a 1969 single)

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