“Blues For A Young Girl Gone”

The second track on Strawberry Alarm Clock‘s third album, The World In A Sea Shell (1968), “Blues For A Young Girl Gone” is a rather lush pop song in keeping with the less-psychedelic feel of the album, as compared with the band’s previous albums. It is actually one of the album’s better songs, and one of two co-written by Carole King.

“Blues For A Young Girl Gone” is defined by its warm, enveloping vocal performance and its post-psych melodiousness. The lyrics, although not coming from the band members themselves, do fit with Strawberry Alarm Clock as they recall the young runaway theme of “Pretty Song From Psych-Out” from Wake Up… It’s Tomorrow. As with much of The World In A Sea Shell, unfortunately, “Blues For A Young Girl Gone” is awash with orchestration and is a bit too slight for many fans of the band.

An appeal to modern garage bands

The song would be great, however, as a grittier, punkier garage-rock song, something the band was pretty good at. (We can just hear it being done by the band’s 1966-7 incarnation Thee Sixpence.) The Clock’s management around this time was exerting a contentious influence over the group’s music and its affairs in general, and this soft, inoffensive sound was their idea more than the frustrated musicians’.

If you’re in a band that can do unadorned, trashy garage rock, by all means we recommend this song — the song is groovy, even if Strawberry Alarm Clock’s version takes the wrong approach. If you record a version, send us an MP3!

All in all, “Blues For A Young Girl Gone” is not bad, and a respectable offering from The World In A Sea Shell, but not exactly on a par with the band’s best work.

Appears on

LP: The World In A Sea Shell (1969)
LP: Changes (1971 compilation)
CD: The Strawberry Alarm Clock Anthology (1993 compilation)

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