"Desireé" by Strawberry Alarm Clock 45 rpm single


Strawberry Alarm Clock released the non-LP single “Desireé” in 1969 backed with “Changes” from the Good Morning Starshine album. “Desireé” is a great song, and one of SAC’s real lost classics. The performance features the vocals of 1969-era Clock singer Jim Pitman, as well as an interesting horn section.

“Desireé” is catchy in the best sense — not annoyingly so, just a hell of a lot of fun. It begins with a gentle, rather psychedelic intro, but the band slopes in soon enough as Pitman growls out the lyrics (which are barely worth mentioning) and the band just nails it. The song occasionally dips back into the psychedelic feel of the intro, lyrically and musically invoking the Beatles’ “Fool On The Hill” — but mostly, “Desireé” is a thrilling, horn-driven piece of rock funk that by all rights should have been a big hit for the band.

What the band strove so hard for on its final album seemed to fall into their lap with “Desireé”; strange how things work in such creative endeavors. The interplay between the horns and the guitar is perfect; in fact, everything just glides effortlessly into place. “Desireé” belongs in any Strawberry Alarm Clock collection.

Appears on

45: “Desireé” b/w “Changes” (Uni 55158) (1969)
CD: Good Morning Starshine (1969) Japanese bonus-track CD version
LP: The Best Of Strawberry Alarm Clock (1970 compilation)
CD: Strawberries Mean Love (1992 compilation)

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