“My Flash On You”

“My Flash On You” is the b-side of Thee Sixpence‘s second 45 rpm release, the a-side of which is “Fortune Teller”. It is the second 45 in a row on which the band covered a song from Love’s self-titled 1966 debut album. (Thee Sixpence was the original version of Strawberry Alarm Clock.)

Unlike the band’s other Love cover, “My Flash On You” finds Thee Sixpence putting their own unique spin on the song. First of all, there is on overtly psychedelic intro, with a mesmerizingly echoed guitar running through a few chords against a tense background of silence. The band then comes in full force, sounding very noisy — the guitars are almost metallic in the late 70s sense. The ultra-tuneful bass lines are mostly intact from the original, and the vocals are even more gruff and shouted than Arthur Lee’s.

Thee Sixpence was never going to give Love real competition, and that doesn’t seem to be what they’re going for here anyway. They just seem to love the song and love playing it and do so to their own satisfaction. Fantastic!

Appears on

45: “Fortune Teller” b/w “My Flash On You” (All American 313) (1966)
45: “Fortune Teller” b/w “My Flash On You” (Dot 16959) (1966)
LP: Step By Step (1998 compilation)