“(You Put Me On) Stand By”

In 1969 Strawberry Alarm Clock released the song “(You Put Me On) Stand By” from the LP Good Morning Starshine as a single. The track is a throwback to the band’s classic sound of fat, buzzy lead guitar lines, chirpy, rhythmic organ work, exciting drumming, and soaring, searching vocals.

“(You Put Me On) Stand By” is very short, and its length is unfortunately matched by its slightness. It’s a pleasant track, and would have been a standout track on either of the band’s previous two albums (Wake Up… It’s Tomorrow or The World In A Sea Shell); on Good Morning Starshine, however, it sounds outdated compared with the strong blues rock and SAC-esque innovations that surround it.

As a single

It wasn’t a particularly bad idea to release “(You Put Me On) Stand By” as a single, though. It is representative of the SAC sound, and the band can be proud of it. It just wasn’t what the record-buying populace was into in 1969, and that isn’t the band’s fault. Then again, the song is just missing something, even though there isn’t anything bad to say about the ingredients that are included. “(You Put Me On) Stand By” may have needed a few more rotations over the fire before being consumed, that’s all.

The b-side, “Miss Attraction”, was in this case a superior song to its a-side, not unlike the band’s first release under the Strawberry Alarm Clock moniker, “The Birdman Of Alkatrash” backed with a song called “Incense And Peppermints”. Those songs’ sides were switched around and resulted in the erstwhile b-side reaching #1 as an a-side, and becoming a rock classic in the process; this single may have needed something similar but unfortunately it just wasn’t in the cards.

Appears on

LP: Good Morning Starshine (1969)
45: “(You Put Me On) Stand By” b/w “Miss Attraction” (Uni 55113) (1969)

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