“(Gotta Get The) First Plane Home”

“(Gotta Get The) First Plane Home” is the b-side of a single by Thee Sixpence, who later became Strawberry Alarm Clock. The song’s a-side was “Heart Full Of Rain”. It was released on the All American label in early 1967.

“(Gotta Get The) First Plane Home” sounds a little regressive after the forward strides made by the band on recent songs like “Heart Full Of Rain” (which had the band’s first use of the classic SAC-esque keyboard) and “In The Building” (an amazing gloomy psych accomplishment that the band would revisit in their weirder SAC days). It sounds more like 1965-era Kinks twisting the riff from John Lennon’s “I Feel Fine” into a crude R&B affair. It’s not bad, certainly; the band is adept and has learned how to keep up a consistent level of energy thoughout a performance, not to mention a certain panache in their musicianship. It’s just that there is not much really new here for the band.

That said, “(Gotta Get The) First Plane Home” does contain some good stop-start rhythmic ideas, and their focus on the main guitar riff is (to be fair) rather a novelty for the band, if not necessarily for the music scene in general in early 1967. Overall, the song is functional but not remarkable.

Appears on

45: “Heart Full Of Rain” b/w “(Gotta Get The) First Plane Home” (All American 353) (1967)
LP: Step By Step (1998 compilation)